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Workshop: Block Print Greeting Cards

Create your own design, cut and print blocks for greeting card and decorative purposes! We’ll design and cut linoleum blocks, ink them up, and then print on 8 by 11 card, fold for 5-1/2 X 8” cards and envelopes! The goal will be to produce two re-useable printing blocks and at least 10 cards in class.

Instructor Michele Leavitt is an award-winning artist with a BFA from RIT and an MFA from Cornell. She has taught at CCRI and at the RISD pre-college program and believes that “the idea is of the utmost importance – and everything you use,…all that you do must be in support of that idea.” Her work can be seen at

Sunday, Nov. 9th, 12:30-4:30 pm
Instructor: Michele Leavitt
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4 X 6” soft Linoleum block, block cutting tools (there will be some to share, too), 2B pencil, black fine tip sharpie pen, water based block printing inks, minimum 2 colors, paper towels and card stock paper for printing

Current Exhibit

The Great Art Heist

September 11 - October 11

Member donated artwork fundraiser.

Art Heist event October 11th.

Donate an artwork, purchase a ticket, and enjoy an evening of fun.  Everyone goes home with an original work of art.  Get your choice of artwork when your name is drawn on the night of the Great Art Heist.




The Great Art Heist is on October 11th and festivities begin at 7 pm. Tickets are sold until the first drawing at 7:30 pm.

Artwork will be on view in the Helme House Gallery Beginning September 11th.

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